The commercial washer is a dynamic and efficient cleansing machine designed for continual use with large amounts of clothing and other textiles. These washers are usually located in cleaning businesses and laundry mats for public use. Durability, reliability, and efficiency are the principal key factors when it comes to commercial washers. This means they often can be somewhat dull in appearance because they are merely intended to get the job done, not to be lavish with many convenient features. In fact, they usually offer one or two washing cycles and either hot or cold water temperature. However, most commercial models are often larger than residential models and therefore can handle larger loads and bigger items. Many come equipped with extra systems to conserve on water and electricity consumption. Maximizing profits is the main objective and this is what manufactures strive to achieve by building highly efficient models.

The commercial washing machine can be either the front loading or top loading style. However, most are top loading for reliability purposes. In laundry mats, they usually publicly accessible and come with coin slots for operation. These are also often found in residential communities such as apartments. In cleaners, these commercial washers usually come with a few additions to expedite the process. The more clothes that can be cleaned in a short amount of time obviously directly affect the profits for that business. Therefore, chemical and detergent injections are often used as an automatic process. Since commercial washers are most always located in businesses whether laundry mats or cleaners, they are required to be highly reliable. If a washer is not functioning properly that is simply a loss in revenue. Therefore, all commercial models are built to be highly durable. Also, their parts are located for easy access so that simple maintenance can be done quickly.

Overall, it is extremely important to purchase a model that is reliable, very durable, and built for constant use. Maytag, Speed Queen, Whirlpool, and Huebsch are popular brands.



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