Front loading washers provide a highly efficient means for cleaning clothing and other textiles. They are found around the world, yet are more commonly used in Europe. Admittedly, these machines are subject to a risk of leaking because their basket is placed horizontally instead of the vertical design of the top loading washers. However, this style has many advantages. Front loading washers use less water and electricity. They also require less detergent. The clothes are not as wet so they take less time to dry. The materials last longer because they are not subject to the wear and tear incurred by an agitator. Yet, most of all the textiles get cleaner in a front loading machine.

The front loading washer implements a horizontal basket with paddle-like fixtures for moving the clothing along the basket. Clothing and detergent are loaded into the front of the washer. The loading door is closed and a gasket seals it preventing water to leak out. Once closed it must stay closed for the duration of the wash. Some water is then emitted into the basket. This does not entirely fill the basket. Next, the basket spins causing the paddles to push the textiles. This process continuously mixes the textiles with chemicals and water in a manner that is not harmful to any material. A final spin and you have clean clothes to wear. It is a pretty simple device, yet is very efficient.

This style does not require as much water because the tub does not have to be completely full. They also use less electricity because there are fewer components to power. There is not an agitator which greatly reduces energy consumption. Their price tag may be slightly more than a top loading model; however, they pay for themselves with decreased bills. They also produce less noise. The textiles are not constantly emerged in a tub of water so they take less time to dry. Overall, these front loading washers usually clean textiles to a higher standard than top loading machines.

Just like top loading washers, front loading models also very in size, efficiency, and features. However, it is extremely important to get a reliable model so that it does not leak. You do not want your utility room to flood! Also, consider checking the brand and model for recalls. Popular front loading washers are Maytag, LG, Whirlpool, and Frigidaire.



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