Top loading washers are common to the United States as a way of cleaning clothing, sheets, towels, etc. This type of washer is not as prevalent in various other places around the world such as Europe where they use a front loading type. However, the top loading style has a number of advantages. These washers come in different sizes and sometimes stacked with a dryer on top of it. They are highly efficient with most materials and are not subject to leaking like front loading models.

The top loading washers have a vertical basket with an agitator in the middle. Water fills the basket and the agitator moves. As it moves it pulls the material toward the center and bottom then forces it back up the walls of the basket in a continuous cycle. Later it spins the clothing and removes the water. This is usually a fairly effective way of washing clothing. However, many larger items such as bed comforters are not able to be moved by the agitator as easily and as a result it does not cleanse to a desired standard. Therefore, large items should be avoided with top loading residential washers.

As compared to the front loading washer, the top loading model has more components. Yet, the front loading washer is confronted with a serious disadvantage and often a large problem. The front loading washing machine incorporates a horizontal setup that requires an air tight seal on the loading door to prevent leakage. This is not a problem on a top loading washer because its basket is standing upright. This advantage is one reason why the top loading style is more popular in the United States. Other reasons are that this style gets the load done in less time and can be paused at anytime to retrieve certain articles of clothing. In addition, loading materials in the top of the machine is usually easier as opposed to putting them through the front since washers are low to the ground. Therefore, it also has the element of convenience on its side.

Top loading washers vary considerably with respect to multiple factors. Their holding capacity and amount of water/ energy used are usually the more common differences. However, some even offer different washing cycles depending on the fabric. It is important to get a reliable model with all the features that are attractive to you. There are a variety of reputable companies, yet Kenmore, Maytag, and Whirlpool are the more popular ones.



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